"...found the entire process extremely smooth and rewarding."



Before embarking on our build, my wife and I had heard of many negative experiences about building from friends and relatives. Understandably, we were quite apprehensive with our upcoming build. However, we have actually found the entire process extremely smooth and rewarding. At all times, we were kept up to date of the progress and provided ample opportunities to provide any feedback on the various stages of development. My wife and I really appreciated Plunkett's 'we can' attitude because there was nothing too difficult for them to deal with. Whereas, the other building companies we had dealt with, things appeared to be too hard for them to cater for or would have involved significant costs to make any necessary alterations.

We had hardly any issues with the build as the supervisor was extremely proactive and would address any discrepancies even before we identified them. As a result, the quality of the workmanship is of top standard and cannot be faulted. The feedback from our friends has been extremely positive. The very few items that we have had to address have been carried out without fuss and within a very short time frame.

Plunkett has obviously kept and maintained the high levels of standards and quality that was around in 1903 because they have delivered a product to both my wife and I that we are extremely proud of. We have no hesitation to recommend them to anyone.