Don’t worry, we haven’t literally come up with two thousand and eighteen reasons to build (although there are a gazillion good reasons and your flat mate might well account for at least half of them.)

No, we’ve come up with a much shorter list. Ours is a power-packed inventory of five supremely excellent reasons to make 2018 the year you build your first home.

Here it is. Short, sweet and to the point.

  1. Money is cheap to borrow. Not only are interest rates way low at the moment, they’re also the lowest they’ve ever been. Which is good news for anyone with a home loan because low interest rates mean smaller repayments.
  2. There’s a good choice of affordable blocks – for now. You may have noticed there’s been a ready supply of titled blocks that can be built on straight away, giving first homebuyers fantastic freedom in terms of where and how quickly they can build. We hate to say it, but it won’t last forever. Developers have been waiting for more certainty in the market so, until supply picks up again, you may find you’ll be competing for available land as prices start creeping up, or you’ll have to play the waiting game until titles come through.
  3. Get more for your money. It’s hard to argue with the awesome range of deals, offers and incentives builders are offering at the moment. Need we say more?
  4. Things will start getting busier. What’s not to love about getting in now, when trades are readily available and build times are quick? Six months after your slab goes down, you could be moving in. For reals.
  5. Blocks with bonuses. You’ll be hard pushed to find a developer that isn’t including fencing and landscaping – or money towards these items – in their deals at the moment. That’s money you don’t have to find. But, wait! There’s more! Many developers are also offering incentives of up to $20,000 on the block you buy. How good is that?

What’s your reason for making 2018 the year you build your first home?

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