Step One may be the new kid on the block, but get to know us and we’re confident you’re going to like what you see.

We’re so confident in fact, that we’ve listed our top 6 qualities. (We’ll get to our all-time favourite movies, interests and hobbies another day.)

Here we go …

1. We know a smart cookie when we see one

If you’re starting to feel you may never get a handle on how to go about building your first home, trust us … it’s not you! There’s lots of confusion out there, so it’s little wonder your head hurts. There are too many confusing messages, not to mention all the fine print, misleading information and deals that sound too good to be true. We feel your pain when you tell us it’s been a struggle to make sense of it all. So we decided it was high time a homebuilder (that would be us) cried ‘Enough already!’ It’s why Step One is reinventing the whole first home building experience for smart cookies like you. It’s time to be empowered and informed. Boom!

2. Our friends are your friends

We’re not your typical first-home builder. At Step One, we believe you should have access to the widest range of experts and options possible. That’s why we work with hand-picked independent partners when it comes to helping you find a block, apply for finance, put together a deposit or create a savings plan.

3. Chances are your parents will approve of us

Step One is part of the Plunkett Group, which brings more than 100 years of building skill and know-how to the job of getting you into a home of your own. Plunkett is a trusted name and it’s that trust that we’re using as the basis for everything we do at Step One.

4. We’ll build you a bloody good house

Did we mention more than 100 years of building experience? It’s hard to argue with that sort of pedigree, not to mention the long list of awards that backs up our construction quality and design skills. All Step One homes come with a solid list of inclusions, such as pivot shower doors and stainless steel appliances, and there are options to put together complete packages that include everything from air-conditioning and internal painting, to floor coverings and window treatments.

5. We design with you in mind

We’ve taken a selection of tried and tested designs from other design portfolios under the Plunkett name and tailored them specifically for Step One. There are currently 17 Step One home designs priced from $139,000 to $167,000. Priced from $159,990, the Mission Beach, for example, is a four-bedroom home with a home theatre, ‘his n hers’ wardrobes in the master suite, and generous walk-in pantry in the kitchen. Priced from $139,000, the Yamba is a two-bedroom home for a 7.5m-wide block. Everything is transparent and fully costed so you can see what fits with your budget. And because we know you need to keep an eye on the dollars and cents, our designers and selections stylists know how to add extra wow factor with minimal fuss and cost.

6. We have scented candles

Well, maybe not actual scented candles, but we do believe our refreshing new approach means you can finally relax and start enjoying the process of building your own home.