8 awesome reasons owning your own home is best!

If you’re about to buy your first home, then congratulations - you’re embarking on a journey that will ultimately yield great rewards. With that being said however, the whole home buying process can be difficult to navigate, especially for a first-time home buyer.

Don’t be put off by the serious side of home ownership, but rather, look forward to the fun advantages that await you once you breeze through to the finishing line.


To get you in the spirit, here are 8 times owning your own home beats renting.


1. Air Guitar in your Underwear

Dance to Old Time Rock and Roll in your white undies, Tom Cruise style. You can do this in your own home without judgemental eyes.

8 Reasons Why Owning Your Own Home Beats Renting

A little ‘Risky Business’ in your living room. Photo Credit: youtube.com


2. Become the Sole King (or Queen) of Netflix!

Victory is yours with sole ownership over Netflix, meaning no more Netflix streaming errors or lag with multiple users! Owning your own home will make you Lord of the TV.

Netflix - 8 Reasons Why Owning Your Own Home Beats Renting

Goodbye housemates or siblings who tried to stream at the same time as you. Photo Credit: elitestatic.com


3. New House, New Puppy (or Cat!)

Who doesn’t love kittens and puppies? Or maybe you like reptiles or birds – either way, in your own home you can have the pet you desire without an angry landlord.

Puppy - 8 Reasons Why Owning Your Own Home Beats Renting

Fulfil your secret dream of becoming a cat lady or puppy master in your own home. Photo Credit: unsplash.com


4. Decorate just how you like it!

Want to put Darth Vader’s face across your bathroom tiles? Guess what, with your own home – you can! Decorate your house to suit your interests, your way!

Decorate - 8 Reasons Why Owning Your Own Home Beats Renting

The force is always with you when you’re in your own home. Photo Credit: neurostis.com


5. Live where you want – near a beach or bowling alley!

Love the beach? Love surfing? You can build and own your home in a coastal suburb. Love the country feel (while still being close to the city?), then build in a semi-rural estate, at suburbs like Caversham or Baldivis. Are you a big golfer? Consider building or buying in Dunsborough.

Location - 8 Reasons Why Owning Your Own Home Beats Renting

Enjoy days on the beach! Photo Credit: unsplash.com


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6. Build Equity & Credit (While Segwaying around)

Owning your own home allows you to build your credit for more financial stability and better credit rates on the things you do want…

Equity - 8 Reasons Why Owning Your Own Home Beats Renting

So that Segway you’re thinking of buying? Go on, you deserve it. Credit: eventsinc.co.uk


7. Crazy TGIF-style Parties

Your home, your rules! You are free to have the coolest parties in town. Partying not your thing? Consider all the late-night gaming you can do without the guilt.

Party - 8 Reasons Why Owning Your Own Home Beats Renting

Disclaimer: Katy Perry may not come to your house party. Photo Credit: glennyfromtheblock.com


8. Save & invest like a boss!

Owning your own home is an investment that forces you to save money at the same time. When you own a home, you act like a Boss and you save like a Boss!

Money - 8 Reasons Why Owning Your Own Home Beats Renting

Congratulations, you are adulting! Photo Credit: quickmeme.com

Ready to start building?

Buying your own home takes a lot of time and energy, but in the end it is all worth it just to have a place to call your very own. While taking out a mortgage can seem stressful, the positives do outweigh the negatives in the end, provided you have done your research beforehand.

Let’s start your journey today – Contact Step One or browse our latest home design or house and land packages.