Now, the crazy dog ladies are already across it but for the rest of us – here’s Step One’s top tips for making your first home a dog-friendly paradise


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One of the huge benefits of being a home owner is being able to have pets.
Doggos, puppers woofers, floofers, and even the yappers - they bring happiness and unconditional love and joy to our lives.

Every owner knows that dogs are a very important part of the family. After a long and hard day at work, nothing beats coming home to a wagging tail from someone so excited to see us.

Put a smile on their dial by enhancing your home with the latest dog-friendly home trends.  Not only will your home still be stylish, it will also be functional and practical for dog owners on the go.

1. A Dog Washing Station

The day to day life of a dog is digging holes, chasing birds, trying to jump fences and barking at the mailman, which can lead to a messy pooch that’s about to get all up in your nice brand new home.

An outdoor dog washing station with its own dedicated outlet and run-off area is a great idea, especially for big dogs.

Don’t have the time or expense to create an outdoor dog wash station? Consider multi-purposing your laundry room if there is space. The laundry is the perfect place to arrange a dog washing station as they are designed to deal with wet conditions. Alternatively, you could always buy a professional bathing station for dogs online, which are equipped with a ladder or ramp and some can be put indoors too.


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2. A Pet Portrait

Bring the dogs of Instagram to life with personalised pet portraits. There are many services online where you can have your pet’s portrait commissioned into an original custom-made piece of art for your home.

Stuck on where to start with so many ideas? Give renowned global site Etsy a look for crafty pet portrait ideas and options for your dog. Alternatively, head to the inspiring Pinterest for loads of cute pet portrait ideas.

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3. A Creative Dog House

Whether its bought of Ebay or hand-made with love, give your mutt a great home of their own.

Dogs, like their wolf ancestors, are den animals and prefer to have a dedicated space outdoors where they can snooze in peace out of the weather.

If you’re super handy or know someone who is, you can go the extra mile with creativity and turn your dog house into something outrageous – like a space ship, or a mini mansion, complete with its own windows. Will your dog appreciate the details? Probably not – but you certainly will!




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4. Pet Feeder Station

Part of moving into your first home is the excitement of picking your own furnishings, and finally having complete control over ever pot, plate and stick of furniture. We take a lot of time to choose these things for ourselves, but do we give the same attention to detail to our furry friends?

Some things to consider when choosing the right crockery for your pet:

  • Movement: are they are a boisterous eater that will easily move the bowl from one side of the room to the other? Try a secured pet feeder station that is attached to a wall, this can even stop any pest problems like ants.
  • Portion control: there are some automatic feeders on the market that allow a timer to be set for up to 48 hours so that no matter what is going on in your life, they never go hungry



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5. Dog Apps for Dog Owners

Life is busy, we all know that. There’s an app for everything these days, even your pup! Get reminders about walking, feeding, vet check-ups and everything in between.

One popular Dog App for example, is Tagg – the Pet Tracker a GPS-enabled tracking service that helps you make sure your pet is safe at home and not lost, it can also monitor if they are getting enough exercise throughout the day.

Paired with its companion, the Tagg Tracker (which you can attach onto its collar) you are able to get all the perks of location and activity tracking for your dog sent straight to your phone


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