You’ve probably come across a 30-day abs challenge. But a 30-day sl-ab challenge? That’s a whole different story.

Never ones to shy away from the seemingly impossible (yes, we save all our $5 notes and meditate daily), we’ve proved that getting from sign-up to slab down is possible in just 30 days.

Building and design consultant Matt Poynton and the super-speedy Step One team in Geraldton pulled out all the stops in our first #StepOneSlabChallenge.

Here’s a quick run-down of how it played out:

  • 1st November – the clients signed up to build with Step One. They chose The Bright, a modern 3x2 with a home theatre and a study.
  • Just 6 days later, they had their pre-start meeting and confirmed all their selections. Like, all their selections. Taps, tiles, cabinet      colours... everything.
  • The building licence came through on 21st November, footings were done a week later and the slab was poured on 1st December.

That’s quicker than a pollie checking for dual citizenship, right?

We shaved about 60 days off the average time it takes to get from sign-up-to-slab-down, taking it from about 90 days to 30 days – or 21 days if you’re a stickler for the detail and just want to count business days.

“What can I say? We’re an efficient team,” Matt laughs.

“Seriously, we know the system inside and out,” he says. “Our expertise and experience means we’re able to navigate the processes and regulations more effectively than others. We’re also willing to think outside the square and find alternative methods to get things done.

“We’ll move heaven and earth for our clients.”

Factor in super-favourable conditions in terms of trade availability, affordable land, low interest rates and unbelievable house-and-land deals, and who wouldn’t want to get into their first home as quickly as possible?

“At Step One we don’t mess around,” Matt says. “Which is great news for first homebuyers as there truly has never been a better time to build.”

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