How long will it take to build my new Step One home?

We can get cracking on your new home ASAP. In fact, we could be starting on site in as little as 12 weeks from your first catch-up with us. All things being equal, it could then be as little as 26 weeks until we hand you the keys to your very own front door. Because Step One is your one-stop-shop for all things to do with building a first home, you can be sure we have some super-speedy systems in place to keep things moving along as quickly as possible. That means less time paying rent and less time paying interest on your construction loan. But don’t think we have to move quickly just because we can. If you want to take your time then that’s fine, too. We’ll let you dictate the pace.


What will be included in the price of my Step One home?

We don’t believe in nasty surprises, so we make it clear what’s included from the start. It’s why our standard specification includes things such as paving to the driveway, path, porch and alfresco, along with carpets and tiling, and vertical blinds. We can even put together a package for you that includes fencing, landscaping, wall painting, air-conditioning, a letterbox and a washing line.


Can Step One really look after everything? 

We sure can. From financing your first home, to buying a block of land and picking the perfect house design, we’re the only people you need to talk to. We’ve got great ideas for housewarming parties, too! (Although we’ll probably draw the line if you ask us to do the washing up.)


Do I have to make repayments while Step One is building my home?

Yes, but it could be as little as $50 per week for the time that we’re building your new pad. And because you don’t start paying until construction starts, building a new home can be a lot more affordable than you think. Now while we’re more than happy to shout you a coffee or two, you won’t find us offering to pay your rent while we build. Think about it. We’d simply have to add extra to the price of your home and we don’t think that would be fair. What we do promise to do is give you all the information and help you need along the way.


I haven’t got a block yet. Can you help?

Some of our best friends are land developers, which means you get access to great blocks all over Perth, north and south of the river. What’s more, we have a range of ready-to-build designs that are efficient to build. It’s a match made in heaven. Whether you have your heart set on being by the beach or close to wineries, or simply want good schools and easy transport links on your doorstep, we know people who know land. What’s more you can rely on us to share our friends’ latest land deals and insider news with you. (Psst! Don’t tell anyone, but we’ll also tip you off when great new blocks are about to come onto the market.)


I’m hopeless when it comes to choosing colours. Can someone help me?

Don’t know your bisque from your blanched almond? Never fear. Your Step One colour consultant has a great eye for colour and will guide you through all your selections, including tiles, cabinets and benchtops. It’s so easy to get off track when it comes to selections, so we even have ready-made interior colour schemes that will make life easier still. We’ve picked great quality products too, so there’s another thing you don’t have to worry about.


What if I have a question during construction?

Pick up the phone and ask away. You’ll have the number of your New Home Consultant and your Prestart Consultant, but most importantly, we’ll also give you the mobile number of your Construction Supervisor. That’s not something you’ll find every first homebuilder doing, but we don’t believe you should have to go all round the houses to get the information you need.