Does first home building appear complicated? What’s with all the deals, weird conditions, fine print and a nagging feeling that builders are using a few tricks of the trade to lure in customers?

Experience told us something needed to change. So we’ve completely reinvented the first home building experience with 4 simple steps that we live by!

Step 1. It’s All About You

You are switched on, you work hard and you know what’s what. Do you get the feeling it’s a bit of a jungle out there when it comes to building your first home? What’s with all the fine print? And what’s with all the deals making you feel as if you’ll miss out if you don’t act now. Now! Now! Now!

You don’t need to be shouted at. You need the right information and right advice at the right time. We’ll give you all of our know-how and expertise and help you make the right decisions for you.


Step 2. We’re In It Together.

We’re building your new home, not ours. We realise you want a professionally designed home, perfect for modern contemporary living, that looks the goods, and has a few extra features and add ons. Why should that be so hard? It’s not. We’ve got a range of these for you to choose from.

Not only are we independent, but we’re well connected. What does that mean? We’ll use our know-how to find you a block of your choice. And we’ll make sure you get the right financial advice and loan, from an independent lender, because building is our thing, not finance.


Step 3. A Personalised Experience

This isn’t a holiday romance. We’re in it together. Our experience and personalised service will make a huge difference and we’ll work at a pace that suits you.

So while our expertise means we can get started as quickly as you want – we’ll only do so once you‘re happy. Our stylists will walk you through the finishing touches and then we’ll start the build.

And just to make sure you always know what’s happening and can ask a question whenever you want, we’ll give you your supervisor’s mobile number – not always so easy to get from other builders.


Step 4. A Long Haul Commitment

You’ve done it. You’ve built your own home. We believe in being around for you long after you pocket the keys to your new house and head off into the sunset.

You can feel good about the new life you’re about to have, and the future wealth and security you’re creating. And you can rest easy knowing it’s a Plunkett built home with the quality, durability and re-sale value we’re famous for.

Just to make sure, we’ll be back in a few months to check that everything is as it should be and you’ll always have our 25 year structural warranty and 114 years of knowledge for your piece of mind.


Step One. First Homes. Reinvented.